Bespoke Calligraphy Wedding Vows

Bespoke Calligraphy Wedding Vows

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Wedding vows carry so much weight, as they are the words you speak to your spouse as a promise of your love, commitment, and the covenant of marriage you are both stepping into. I would argue that they are some of the greatest words you will ever speak to your spouse, as they are the foundation of your marriage. Marriage is the greatest gift, but it is also one of the hardest adventures you will ever embark on, and having your vows intentionally hung in your home as a reminder of the covenant you stepped into is a good way to bring you back together on those hard days as you walk past them in your home. These make the PERFECT one-year anniversary gift (the paper anniversary!), and they are a way to add sweet and sentimental décor to your home that will preserve these meaningful words you spoke forever as keepsakes to pass down for generations.

This option is also perfect for having sentimental and special songs/hymns calligraphed to hang in your home. I personally have three different songs hung in my own home that each have unique meaning to them that I love having as a reminder of moments in our life. 

I want to make this process as simple as possible, so below, I outline the steps that I will walk you through when you place your order for your bespoke calligraphy wedding vows:

STEP 1: Choose from the drop down box the word count of your wedding vows. (When you type them up into a word document, you can use the word count tool to easily find this number!) (0-400 words will be calligraphed on 11” wide x 14” tall paper, and 401-800 words will be calligraphed on 16” wide X 20” tall paper) (To inquire about a different sire for your wedding vows, please visit my ‘Lets Chat’ page to fill out a custom form.)

STEP 2: Please answer all of the questions laid out in the form that you will be directed to before you purchase, as this lets me know exactly what your vision is, and it asks for your email address, which is important for Step 3!

STEP 3: Once you purchase these, I will follow up with an email in my wonderful client management system, HoneyBook, where you can safely send me your precious wedding vows in a word document format clearly labeling the vows so that I can begin the calligraphy and design process.

STEP 4: These take roughly 4 weeks to ship, and then, they will be delivered to you with a hand written letter and pretty ribbon so that they can be gifted, OR finally be in their forever home with you!

I cannot wait to preserve your meaningful words and wedding vows WELL through bespoke calligraphy to have these as a keepsake to pass down for generations.


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