Photo by:    Firm Anchor

Photo by: Firm Anchor



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Welcome! My name is Ashley, and I am the calligrapher, designer, and artist behind the scenes of Letter and Knot Co. The art I create is meant to tell great stories;  it is raw, dainty, organic, and simple. I have served brides, homemakers, small business owners, moms, mommas to be, and thoughtful gift-givers across the country with custom calligraphy since February 2017. Letter and Knot Co exists to preserve your meaningful moments, words, and stories well through bespoke calligraphy and design. I consider it a high honor to be a small part of telling YOUR stories.


I am very proud to be a carpenters daughter where I learned the beauty of bringing something in my mind to life with my hands. My mom is an exceptional story teller, and I learned about the art of story telling from her. I was to born and raised in New England (Just south of Boston, MA!) and I will always be a northerner at heart! I married my best friend, Joshua Steven Craft, on July 2, 2016 in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, and he is my greatest supporter. I studied public speaking in college, and I believe words have incredible power.


I absolutely love to walk, practice yoga, drink coffee, write, host people in our home with Joshua, travel, and of course, I am always re-designing spaces in our little Craft home to be a cozy, welcoming, and creative space. After we finish our crazy debt free journey, it is our DREAM to have my Dad build our own home in the mountains of Maryville, Tennessee. My husband and I believe in dreaming BIG dreams together and making them happen! Anyone else have big dreams too? Whew! Glad we are not alone. I am unashamedly Christian, and I seek to proclaim Christ, the Gospel, and the Cross in everything I do. I fail often, but I am committed to following Jesus in this journey called life.


I hope to get to know you better, friend, as you explore my creative space here on this huge thing called the internet! I am so thankful you popped in!

All 3 Photos by:    The Malicotes

All 3 Photos by: The Malicotes

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